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Dulled photo of Van Goghs sunflowers from exhibition
Mirror selfie, south asian women in 20s, wearing glasses, black top and olive bottoms with shoulder length straight hair

20 something trying to navigate life with multiple chronic illnesses

This blog was created in hopes of informing others about chronic illnesses and hopefully helping those with chronic illnesses. This is a safe space for all my fellow spoonies and anyone with loved ones with chronic illnesses who want to better understand and support their people.

Welcome to my complicated af life! 

Organisations I've written for
Logo of Chronically Brown charity
Logo for Student roost
Logo of the LUNA project charity
Logo for RARE youth revolution

I am not a medical professional. Any information given on this blog or via instagram is based off of personal experiences and knowledge. Please contact your GP or any other medical professional for any medical concerns you may have.

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