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Hi ! Welcome to Its complicated. This blog was started in hopes of raising awareness about life with multiple chronic illnesses.

There is a big gap in the UK medical system and medical education. This means many doctors/medical professionals, don’t have an understanding about most conditions, especially some of the ones I have, which makes all appointments quite difficult. I want to help others on their medical journeys learn how to be the best advocate for themselves, as well as help them feel less lonely if they have chronic illnesses or care about/for someone who does. I also hope medical professionals can learn more about our lives, conditions they don’t have knowledge about, and how to best support their chronically ill patients and bridge the gap in the medical system by learning from patients. 


There will also be content relating to mental health and being on a self love journey and more as we grow!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


I am not a medical professional. Any information given on this blog or via instagram is based off of personal experiences and knowledge. Please contact your GP or any other medical professional for any medical concerns you may have.

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