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6 month update ; Being off the Depo Provera

If you’ve read my post "Why I wouldn't recommend the Depo Provera" you would know that I was on the injection since January 2019. In total, I received 5 injections (January 2019 to 2020). It was the worst medicine I had ever been on. There wasn't a day where I didn't cry all the time; my anxiety was through the roof; I stopped eating; didn't go out, and when I did, I would be very anxious and just wanted to get back home as soon as possible. In short, my mental health was completely down the drain and anything that went wrong in my life would just make the depression and anxiety worse.

We are now in July, which means I would have been receiving my 3rd Depo injection of the year. This would've been my 7th one in total. I received my last injection in the beginning of the year in January, and the effects of the injection died out in April, which is when the next one was due. Coming off the injection was THE BEST decision I had ever made. I do want to make it clear, however, that just because I no longer get the injection, doesn't mean my depression and anxiety have magically disappeared.

They have become a lot more manageable as I no longer cry all day every day, and don't have constant anxiety. I am eating a lot better (other than the nausea), I do some light exercise here and there when my body allows me to, I avoid watching things that know would make me sad and the same goes for my environment. It’s very important to have your own little bubble and not allow anything or anyone to get inside that wouldn't support your mental health.

I am very grateful for my health psychologist and my support group (friends and family) because they have all been there for me and didn't just leave me to fend for myself. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today (they all know who they are ❤️).

It wasn't an easy decision to come off the injection. Even though it was destroying my mental health, it was really helping with my periods. I have suspected Endometriosis ; it is "suspected" because I have had 2 different surgeons refuse to do a laproscopy in me as I am A VERY risky paitent and there is a very high chance I wouldn't wake up from the surgery. Due to my medical history relating to my periods, everything does point towards Endometriosis, which is why I was on multiple contraceptive pills and the injection, and now back on the pill, in order to try and control my periods as much as possible.

If anyone has any questions relating to my experience on the pills and the Depo please do not hesitate to contact me :)


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