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Can my pain predict the weather ?

This hasn’t been scientifically proven, yet, but there seems to be a collie ration between barometric pressure and chronic pain. But what does this mean?

To start with we need to know what barometric pressure is. A barometer is used to measure air pressure, which is the weight of the air. The barometer there is ‘mercury in a glass tube which rises and falls as the weight of the atmosphere changes’. (National geographic)

As pressure decreases, there is less oxygen available, which is why, it is harder to breathe on places like the top of a mountain as the atmospheric pressure there’s is low which equals to oxygen levels being low.

How does this link with pain ?

A lot of chronic pain patients have reported high pain days when it is hot or it’s raining/about to rain. Conditions noted include : arthriti, chronic back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and other joint pain / overall body aches.

Scientists are still trying to find definitive links between pressure changes and pain, but this doesn‘t mean your proven weather change related pain is wrong ! To keep pain levels low, try to keep warm, move in any way you can to improve circulation, de-stress and rest.

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18 de jun. de 2022

This is so inspiring! Keep up the great work!

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