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Gift ideas for your chronically ill loved one

Having chronic illnesses means we tend to spend a lot of time at home, in bed or on the sofa.

It can be tricky to think about what to buy for your chronically ill loved ones because we may not be able to use typical gifts you’d buy for others. This can be due to allergies or not being able to use certain products due to pain or any other reason.

20 gift ideas for your chronically ill loved one include :

  1. Tea / coffee collection

  2. A mug

  3. Blanket - soft, weighted or heated

  4. Subscriptions - food, drinks, CI specific, magazines, entertainment, beauty/well-being boxes etc

  5. Gift certificates - shopping, food and grocery etc

  6. Pillows - body pillow, sitting in bed support pillow etc

  7. Kitchen electronics - smoothie machine, air fryer, mini grill

  8. Pajamas

  9. Slippers

  10. Books/ kindle

  11. Hot water bottle

  12. Colouring books

  13. Robe

  14. Candles

  15. Diffuser / essential oils

  16. Bath essentials - bath tray, Epsom salts, bath pillow etc

  17. Noise cancelling headphones

  18. Lap table

  19. Offer to help them with something they may need or want

  20. Money - for when you don't know what to get but want to give them something, this can also be helpful for medical bills and to pay for supplies

Or just spend some time with them inside or take out. Movie nights, cooking/baking together, going out for mini trips, anything that is chronic illness friendly and enjoyable for everyone !


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