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How I got rid of my eczema after 22 years !

From the age of 6 months i‘ve had eczema and it is hereditary as my mum, Nan, aunts etc all have it. I was given many creams, steroids, ointments, asked to alter my diet and make lifestyle changes. I was even told it’ll reduce significantly, maybe even disappear, when i‘m older. This did not happen. There were many things that triggered it such as heat, certain foods, soaps, detergents, perfumes and more. I had good moments where there wasn’t much, mainly just on my hands and I’d have bad days where my hands, arms, neck, scalp would all flare up.

Throughout the years i have been diagnosed with other conditions as well, one of which is mast cell activation syndrome, which means it was harder to determine wether a rash was eczema or a mast cell reaction. From my research I found many people swapping their detergents, soaps, cleaners etc for non toxic products and i was intrigued.

Due to my many allergies it was hard for me to find a non toxic product that was suitable for me. Eventually i found Faith In Nature soap bars. The best thing I've ever come across!

Within a few days my eczema, which was at its worst, just disappeared.

Photos below :

Since then, I've only been using the Faith in nature soap bars. However, when I go out or stay at a hotel, the soap there causes some of my eczema return, but as soon as I'm home and can use the soap bar, my hands are clear and smooth again !!

It was shocking to me that many doctors tried very hard to control / get rid of my eczema and nothing ever worked. All it took was a onn toxic soap bar.

I hope this helps someone ❤


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