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My cytoscopy experience

On June 22nd I had my cystoscopy + biopsies + pelvic floor botox. It is usually a day surgery but I was kept overnight in the ward due to my complex medical history.

It's quite a straightforward procedure really.

What is a cystoscopy?

A cystoscopy (cyst-os-copy) is a procedure where a small camera is inserted through the urethra, to see into the bladder, using a cystcope. Other instruments may be used if further surgical procedures are needed. (NHS website)

In my case, 2 biopsies of the bladder wall were taken and 10 pelvic floor injections were done during the cystoscopy.

Pelvic floor botox is done to help with muscle spasms in those who have pelvic floor dysfinction. They can also be done if someone has an overactive bladder. The amount of botox you receive will depend on what the doctor sees when they're inside the bladder. Since my bladder was very inflamed and had too many visible veins, I received 10 injections.

A cystoscopy is usually a day surgery, which means you would be able to go home after you wake up, have something to eat, are able to empty your bladder and bowels. However in my case, I was asked to stay in the ward overnight due to my complicated medical history.

I woke up and the tube in my throat was taken out, I had fluid IV running (6 fluid bags in total) and I was quite out of it. After about 2-3 hours I went to the toilet but it was very painful, which is when we realised i developed an UTI. The next day I was given antibiotics and something to help with my bowels and was discharged.

Overall, it went well. I was recovering for a week post op, in bed, and started moving around outside after 1 week, as i felt well enough to do so. I’ve still been urinating frequently, which should have lessened by now but hasn’t, have had some complications (non cystoscopy related) but otherwise doing good.

It can seem scary but there is nothing to be scared about ! Every surgery, big or small, can make you feel extra fatigued but it all settles pretty quickly after a cystoscopy.


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