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Review : Living at SR The Oaks as a chronically ill student

Updated: Jan 24

Before the pandemic started, I took a year off from university (temporary withdrawal) on medical basis. When I sat down to plan my return, I realised how careful I would need to be considering we are now in a global pandemic and I am chronically ill. It was super important for me to find accommodation which was close to the uni, was ensuite, and had my own kitchen, to limit contact with others. It was scary, and at times overwhelming, because I needed to come back but I also had to put my health first and take care of myself.

I finally came across The Oaks by Student Roost. Right next to campus, brand new building, studio apartment, spacious enough for my things, and well worth the money! Since I applied really late, I didn’t have the option for the disabled room, which I was nervous about, but once I moved into the studio I realised it was all fine. My shower chair fits perfectly, there is desk space for the ergonomic arms, I didn’t even need to bring my ergonomic chair because the one they provide is very comfortable, and there was more than enough space to fit in my medical drawers as well.

There are 5 disabled rooms available which are quite spacious, have 2 red emergency cords (1 in the wetroom and 1 next to the bed) and any additional requirements you may have can be discussed with the team and they will sort it out for you.

Standard studios, which is one I live in, perfectly fit in a shower chair, ergonomic rest arms can be attached to the desk, there is space for leg rests under the desk, it’s a great size which makes cleaning and upkeep so much easier, 2 lifts on either side of the building, my parcels can be bought up if I’m unable to go get them which is amazing!

(Photos of one of the the disabled rooms.)

(Photos of studios can be found on their website and instagram)

I highly recommend the oaks for future and current Warwick students, you will not be disappointed. The staff is amazing and super helpful and understanding. There is someone here 24/7, your parcels will be collected by reception, multiple spaces to sit and do some work on each floor with a beautiful terrace and kitchen/living room, a games area, laundry room and gym on site, amazing service by the staff and you are a 10 minute walk away from campus. As a chronically ill student the walk can be a little long for me but Uber’s are always available to get me to and from campus (for the GP) and there is a small retail park around as well.

Warwick no longer offers off campus accomodation which can make it harder to find and more expensive. Eventhough they do have studios on campus, they are small and I don’t believe they were a great fit for me, as a chronically ill student with ergonomic equipment, a shower chair and medical things. I definitely am beyond happy to have found such a great place to live!

Although I am in love with the oaks i do wish they would only offer disabled rooms to disabled/chronically ill students and only offer them to able students when there is no disabled/chronically ill student around.

The price may seem a little on the high end, however it really is worth it, 100%. I'm saying this as someone who cannot work due to my health and depend on student finance. I would rather pay a little more than stay somewhere that doesn't meet my needs.

No, this is not sponsored at all. As a chronically ill student, the response I received from Warwick during a pandemic and trying to find a good studio accommodation was an awful experience. This is why I wanted to do this post to help other students know that there is a great, close to campus space available to live at.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact The Oaks (website below). You can even do a virtual room tour and follow their instagram for more amazing photos of the place!

SR The Oaks website link :

Find The Oaks on Instagram :



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