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What’s in my hospital bag - laparoscopy edition

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Updated and added to after surgery !

I spent weeks trying to figure out what to pack for my endometriosis surgery - a laparoscopy. There were a few blog posts and instagram pages that were quite helpful, but the general list is all the same. Everything you decide to pack, will be specific to what you want and need. I tried to not pack a lot since my mum is allowed to visit (every paitent is allowed 1 (the same) visitor throughout their stay)

I packed a cabin size suitcase and a backpack. I packed all of this the day before my original surgery date, so I’ll update this after my surgery.

Everything in bold is what i actually used in hospital, keeping in mind i was hopped up on extra anaesthesia and drugs and moving was hard, plus, i had a catheter in for a week due to retention, so even though i didn’t use much i think the list is still useful.

Clothes :

- Loose pyjamas

- Cropped T-shirt

- Shorts pyjamas

- Knickers (larger size)

- Soft, no wire, bras (Primark - linked below)

- Dress (PLT - linked below)

- Socks (short and long)

- Gown

- Slippers (Primark)

Medical :

- My medications / supplements

- Nasal spray

- Lozenges

- Electrolytes

- Heat patches

Toiletries :

- Toothbrush

- Toothpaste

- Body wipes (Bamboo)

- Toilet wipes (Femfresh)

- Deodorant

- Face cream

- Razor (just in case)

Other :

- Ipad

- Chargers ; portable charger + long wires to reach behind the bed. (Amazon - linked below)

- Book to read

- Airpods

- U/V shaped pillow (Matalan)

- Hand gel/wipes

- Pocket tissue

- THC/CBD oils (medicinal)

- Extra hair bands

- Hair brush

- My squishmallow

I will now link some things from the list above, plus, other items i used/wore at home.

Long charger wires :

Lap table :

Soft bras :

Very comfortable bralettes :

PLT dresses :

And similar one in red ^ Bought in my original size but runs bigger which is great for after surgery.

Shorts :

Joggers :

Nightwear :

Matalan blue waffle shorts and cami nightwear set (can’t find it online)


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